There's no doubt that for centuries, man has struggled to make just the perfect meal every time that they cook but only a few have managed to do so or yield the much-desired results. 
The ancients discovered the immense power of ceramic pottery or cookware in unlocking the potential of cooking all kinds of food without losing any of its much-sought-after flavors or burning it. Of particular interest is the stone wave cooker that has dazzled many families with its immense performance since its invention and introduction into the market. 
It is true that the stone wave cooker has not only revolutionized how one prepares food in the microwave, but has also enabled families all over to enjoy gourmet-standard foods in just a fraction of time that it would normally take to prepare them.
Unlike other cookware made of aluminum, cast iron, steel, enamel or other metals, ceramic cookware have proven to have a great tolerance to direct heat. Many experienced cooks will agree that when direct heat is not controlled during cooking, then the flavors of the food are usually hard to come by and the risk of the food burning or being cooked unevenly is always high. Also, the seasoning used usually does not get the right kind of even heat needed for it to unlock the flavors as required. The stone wave cooker is made up of glazed ceramic material carefully designed to put up with this direct heat in the microwave and spread it evenly on the food being cooked while producing gourmet-standard results in record time.
The secret of this revolutionary stone wave cooker is in its specially designed chimney that allows steam to escape while the custom dome circulates heat evenly on the food which ends up infusing the much-desired signature flavors into every part of the food. It helps one to prepare very delicious, gourmet foods in the microwave that is bound to pleasure every one in the family in just five minutes. With its non-stick and very attractive surface, one can prepare all kinds of foods from eggs to baked deserts without even using fats, oil or butter making it a very healthy and mess-free cooking pot. It is also designed with a very ergonomic, firm and comfortable handle that allows one to safely handle the hot food after its been cooked.
Of course, another important factor to consider when getting new cookware is its durability as well as ease of cleaning and maintenance in general. Obviously due to their nature, ceramic cookware are some of the most durable and rust-free cookware in the market and shall continue to be so for a long time. The surface of this cooker is not susceptible to any corroding and does not require any polishing or seasoning to maintain it. In fact, this revolutionary wave cooker is dishwasher safe and also one can clean it with warm soapy water and rinse it normally. There is no doubt at all that the stone wave cooker not only yields the much-desired results in cooking, but also dramatically cuts down on the cooking time which provides lots of savings. offers information regarding the Stone Wave Cooker. For more on the Stone Wave Cooker, please visit us at


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