If you love a great steakhouse Wisconsin Dells will make you a happy diner. One of the things that is remarkable about this tourist attraction is that many of the restaurants are family owned. They are unique eateries that have great atmospheres. They serve delicious food that the whole family will enjoy.

The dells area is mostly known for its water parks. They have some of the best water parks anywhere, but there is a lot more to do as well. It is an easy place to get to. It is a short drive from Chicago, Milwaukee or the twin cities. It is right off an interstate highway. This is great resort area for the kids.

There is a lot of grown up fun things to do too, even though it is most well known as a family vacation destination. For the gambler, the Indian casino nearby has blackjack, slot machines, poker and craps. Gentleman clubs are located nearby for some spicy hot adult fun. Parents can hire a babysitter and go out for a date at night.

The main drag in Lake Delton and the Dells are lined with wonderful souvenir shops specializing in Native American artifacts and novelties. There are ice cream and custard stands, candy and chocolate shops that the children will love. Go cart racing and miniature are some other kid friendly attractions that are a lot of fun.

Sometimes the family is so busy having fun at the water parks that there is no time for a sit down meal at a restaurant. Fortunately, the many snack bars and concession stands can help you out. The kids particularly love food from the snack stands. Some of it is actually not that bad for you. Vegetarians can look forward to some first class meatless gourmet food. There are some very special vegetarian restaurants in the area. Even meat lovers will love these places. They also serve deserts that are to die for. One of the best things about the food here is the variety.

Music lovers will have no problem enjoying themselves. The Dells is famous for its dixieland jazz. Popular country music stars perform here frequently. The casino books concerts by popular performing artists. There are many night clubs that featuring excellent local bands too. Any type of popular music you are looking for can be found.

Many tourist like to take the back roads to get here. The beautiful rustic highways have some beautiful sights you will want to see. Devils Lake State Park has a bottomless lake whose crystal clear waters Indians believed was the home to spirit creatures. It a favorite spot for rock climbers. Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area is a flat-topped butte that rises over two hundred feet. From the top, the view is magnificent.

So if you and your family are seeking a great steakhouse Wisconsin Dells is the place to go because it has so much to offer. The prices are more reasonable than many other resort areas. It is easy to get too. It is family friendly. Your vacation there will be remembered for a long time.

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