If you've read my article about using a wooden pizza peel, you know how easy that is to do. You may not believe this, but using a metal (usually aluminum) pizza peel is even easier. It's so easy you will never look back on your previous days of wooden peels.

The reason I say this is because you get to skip the step where you add flour or cornmeal to the pizza peel. Your dough will not stick to the aluminum pizza peel. It just won't happen with the metal.

You can get under the pizza much easier with a metal pizza peel so you are able to build your pizza on your kitchen counter. Once the pizza is made all you should do when using a metal pizza peel is to lift up one end of your pizza and simply push the peel under the dough.

Then fix your pizza a bit to be certain that it is still the perfect form you would like. I'm assuming you'll want a nice perfectly round shape like all the experts in Italy, NY and all around the world.

And Lastly, you move your pizza off of the metal pizza peel and straight into the oven. It will then cook really nicely at a really hot temperature. The crust will be thin in the middle and nice and puffy around the edges.

That's all there is to it. Working With a wooden pizza peel is easy, but having an aluminum peel is even easier.

Now your pizza is baking and you're just a couple of minutes away from heaven.

I hope this information supported you on your pizza making journey. At This Point all you need to have is a bit of practice, which is the enjoyable part and you'll be an master in no time.

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