There's always a reason to celebrate, and what other way to do it than dining in ponderosa wisconsin dells, one of the most popular steakhouses in the country. Steak has always been a part of the great American tradition, whether it's for a an engagement party, family reunion, graduation, anniversary or just a crazy night out with friends, one can never go wrong with a steak.

Most people fail to realize that their chosen cuts actually affect theie level of satisfaction with their steak meal. Indeed, learning a few general knowledge about steaks will surely improve your cut of choice and basically your whole meal as well.

Steaks are simply beef cuts. What makes these cuts superior compared with the others is that steaks are prepared in various techniques to make sure that its flavor is superb. Cuts could be in a deli style, meaning in thing slices or ground.

Indeed, a fair knowledge about steaks will surely improve your choice as well as probably give you the best steak meal, by far. First things first, steaks are simply cuts of beef made popular by the way it is prepared, deli style or grounded. There are actually countless of steaks available in the local butcher however, only a few cuts actually makes it on the menu.

Filet mignon is one of the most popular steak cuts as well as the most tender. Popularly known as the medallions in the states, it is a small cut at the end of the tenderloin. Its size ranges from seven to nine ounces, that's why this may not be the most suitable cut if one's starving. Medallions are very tender and juicy with less marbling which explains the high price.

Rib eye steak is certainly bigger than filet mignon. It usually comes from the primal rib therefore it may have a lot of marbling or fat amount. If you like to have some fat in your steak, then the rib eye steak would be the best cut for you. However, should you prefer a leaner meat for your steak then the new york strip, porterhouse, sirloin and filet are your choices.

The new york strip steak is a high quality cut from the short loin. Internationally called as the club steak, popular in the U. S. As strip loin or shell steak, It mostly consists of muscles that does little work hence it's fairly tender but not as tender as the tenderloin or the rib eye steak. Fat content fall right at the middle between rib eye steak and tenderloin.

T-bone steak is actually two cuts in one. The t shaped bone separates the strip steak and the tenderloin fillet. This cut is best when broiled or grilled as the bone makes it hard for it to pan fry. If you want a well done steak then this cut would not be your best choice. Sirloin steak is considerd to be the mos affordable though its flavorful, it's less tender compared to all the other steaks. To help it tenderize, sirloin steaks are often pounded and marinated.

Another factor to consider when dining in ponderosa wisconsin dells is to determine how do you like your steak to be cooked. There are usually three choices; medium, rare and well done. Rare meaning the outside portion of the steak is cooked but the inside is partially raw. Medium is where the outside is cooked thoroughly and the insides are cooked yet still, with a slightly red color. Well done steak, outside is charred and the insider is thoroughly cooked.

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