Before trying any barbeque Omaha, there are several things you might want to consider. Sometimes it comes with sauce, sometimes it comes without sauce. It depends on what you want. There are really four different kinds of barbecue. Each kind is based on a specific region within the country. While each region says that theirs is the greatest, the only way to find out is to try it for yourself.

Dry barbecue is a cooking process that does not use sauce. The meat is smoked and sometimes dry rubs are used. This type of barbecue sometimes comes with the sauce served on the side. However, sauce is never applied to the meat while cooking. Fans of this type of barbecue claim that the secret to cooking is in controlling the amount of smoke is absorbed into the meat.

Wet barbecue uses sauce while the meat is cooking. Sauce is added to the meet prior to being thrown on the grill or into the smoker. Additional sauce is added throughout the cooking process and sometimes after the meet is done cooking. Fans of this type of barbecue claim that the secret to cooking is contained with in the secret sauce recipes.

Texas style is primarily the cooking the beef. It is a dry process that does not use sausages. The food is cooked in a smoker or on the grill over an open flame. Even though sauces are not used during the cooking process, they are included as a side with the meal. The sauce used as the side is a vinegar-based sauce but it is never applied to the meat while cooking.

Memphis style is all pork. This wet cooking process cooks the food in the smoker while heavily covered in sauce. The pork is marinated and covered in dry rubs before being put in the smoker. As the pork cooks, sauce is basted onto it using a mopping brush. This is done throughout the grilling process and additional sauce is applied when the pork is finished.

Kansas City style is where all kinds of meats are cooked in the same smoker. They cook both pork and beef. This style comes with a sweet and thick tomato-based sauce. This sauce is probably the sweetest of all of the barbecue sauces. While driving rubs can be applied to the food before cooking, the style is known for its unique sauce. Another feature of the style is the hickory flavored woodsmoke the juice when cooking.

Carolina style is where the whole hog is cooked underground or in a large smoker using a dry method. Dry rub is applied to the food before it is smoked. Once the pork is completely cooked, the meet is removed from the bone and mixed with many types of spices. This is known as pulled pork. This pulled pork is then mixed with a special vinegar-based sauce to create the final dish.

When considering barbeque Omaha, there are many options available. You can have it with or without sauce. There are four unique styles with fans that claim their style is the best. Instead of listening to anyone else, just head over to your local joint and try each type. Find out which one you like best.

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