If you and I are anything alike, then you most definitely were raised cooking and serving dinner made from a pan or frying pan coated with non stick teflon. Most pans are made this way nowadays. They are lined with a teflon lining to keep our food from sticking to the surface. You have to be very cautious with pans coated with teflon, and you can't use steel spoons on them or they will scratch. I am positive you completely have experienced what I'm telling you.

Although this wasn't always how pans were. Families in the past cooked in pans made with cast iron. Teflon did not happen to be around in the past, and people had to have something dependable that would be around for a very long time. Families had to have something that could be made once, and used for anything. And cast iron became a favorite type of pan.

These pans were super tough and could take just about anything you could throw at them, from heat to cold, or even being knocked on the ground. Before modern technology people used these types of pans. These pans lasted 30 years and were given down from your parents.

Nonetheless somewhere down the line, we lost the affection for cast iron. A pan much more adaptable came along and our generation did away with the tried and true cast iron pan. Nowadays people make use of low quality skillets that are not made very well, that can be easily washed. That's because cast iron needs a little effort. Although if you put in that extra effort, the benefits are well worth it.

Now not everyone has given up cooking with pans made with cast iron wholly. I use a cast iron skillet quite often, and they are really starting to make a huge comeback. And that's because people have started to realize the positives.

Give me a chance to let you know about just a few of the things that make cast iron cooking fantastic:

First, meals that are cooked in a pan that is made out of cast iron can really taste amazing. The food really tastes a bit more tasty than the things that you cook in a usual teflon pan. This is because of what is known as the seasoning. The pans seasoning comes from never applying soap to the surface of the pan, and preserving the tastes that are created from food cooked in the pan. These aromas keep closed up inside the pan, and after some time begin to generate deep, robust flavors in the food you cook.

Secondly, pans that are made out of cast iron are completely non stick if you treat them the right way. Cast iron pans don't need to have non stick teflon or any other man made material to prevent your food from getting stuck. The reason for this is because right after every instance that you use the pan, you line your pan with a very small coating of vegetable oil. This vegetable oil helps seal in the 'seasoning' and establish a nice surface that won't allow food to stick. After some time, the surface remains long lasting.

Last but not least, you can cook anything with cast iron pans. You are able to grill fresh vegetables on the stove, cook steak, or even bake the cast iron pan in the oven. Cast iron pans are super adaptable. A lot of times I just leave my pan right on top of the stove so that I'm able to bake with it anytime I want.

As I said before, cooking with cast iron has a lot of benefits. I didn't really talk about everything here. However if you might be thinking about acquiring a cast iron pan, I highly would advise you to. It is a great investment and will fully improve your cooking. Besides, cast iron pans will stay in great shape for a long time. I hope many more people will begin using cast iron pans as we did in the old days.

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