It has become very important that a person eats the right kinds of food. More attention is being placed upon the healthy preparation of food, and which types provide the body with the best sources of nutrients. If one searches for fresh fish online, it can be learned that this food contains omega-3, which is essential for brain and body functions, as well as calcium and iodine. It is a form of protein; something that must be included in all diets.

Although most fishes are very healthy to eat, some may be harmful if they are eaten too regularly. The safest varieties to consume are those with very low mercury levels, and they can be eaten a few times per week without any danger. Salmon varieties which are non-toxic include chum, king salmon, Coho and sockeye. Anchovies, catfish, herring, calamari, sardines and trout are very popular food dishes as well, that can be prepared in various ways.

The intake of some types of fishes should be limited to just once a week, such as the black sea bass, red snapper, sablefish and black cod. The mercury levels within a few varieties can be a problem for humans, especially for expecting woman and women who intend to fall pregnant. High mercury levels are potentially harmful to nursing mothers as well.

The types that should be avoided by the above-mentioned individuals include certain tuna varieties, such as the bluefin and yellowfin. High levels of mercury are also found in sharks, the king mackerel and the swordfish. Meals that come out of tins, that are preserved in several ways, or that are overly processed, should also be avoided.

If you want to be sure that you are buying freshly caught fish then you must know the signs of recent produce. The smell should be clean and pleasant, although slightly 'fishy'. If it is overwhelmingly fishy, it may be a bit aged. It is also wise to become familiar with the smells of different varieties of vertebrae. Some will have a different aroma because they are from salt or fresh water environments.

Feel the skin of the one you want to buy, and make sure that it does not feel overly slippery or slimy. The skin should be taught and firm, and should not leave an impression if you place pressure on it. It should easily spring back to its original form, and not leave a hole. This will indicate if it has been freshly caught or not.

Pay attention to the overall look of the catch. The general body colors should be clear and the same as if it were still alive, showing no unnatural brown or gray looking areas. Likewise, the eyes should still appear alive; bright, and in their natural position. They should not have sunken, which is a sign that they have dried out - meaning that it is not freshly caught.

When researching fresh fish online, you will discover that some types are easier to prepare than others. Catfish have no scales, which is convenient, and salmon can be cooked very easily. It is also one of the healthiest varieties, as it is high in omega-3. Pike is a bit more difficult, as it has many bones.

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