Many ocean front restaurants across the globe offer some of the most delicious ocean fresh seafood known to the world. Fresh delicacies, such as crab, shrimp, scallops, fresh bass, whiting, and others can be ordered fresh every day from marina and dockside restaurants. Many of the anglers that catch fish every day also sell to grocery stores and fresh seafood markets.

High in nutrients, fish is a great food to add to any meal. Doctors and nutritionists suggest fish and seafood for its natural protein, and omega 3 acids. These may prevent or correct diseases, such as heart disease, and Alzheimer's, and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Today fish is not only known for satisfying taste-buds, but also as a health addition. This is another reason the fishing industry is such a money maker.

Fishing is not just for promoting good health. Open ocean and sea fishing is also a sport, and those who participate want to experience fishing in the open seas and raw nature environment. As such, many are offered this experience through dockside restaurant angler fishermen, who catch fish for the restaurant daily. Some have turned their boats into not only a fish catching enterprise, but also an adventure ship for restaurant patrons.

Excursions begin in early morning and last until mid afternoon normally. Many are fishing for sea bass, flounder, tautog, and bluefish, while others search for tile-fish, black bellied rose fish, swordfish and tuna. Different bodies of water will contain different fish. Different kinds of fishing trips are available. Some take place 15-20 miles off the coast, while others are 40-80 miles offshore. Depth of water for normal fishing trips is 70-120 feet of water, while others are 120-800 feet in depth.

Such trips usually attract tourists and well and has been coming a business on the rise. Angler fishing is what takes place and is done by a rod and bait. This type of sport fishing is for recreation. It is also used on a commercial basis in a slightly different way. This type of fishing is good for smaller fish. Bigger fish will require a sea rod and make sure it includes on the line, 30 to 40 pounds.

Unusual places, such over reefs, may also be spots for angler fishing excursions. Larger cod is known to frequent these areas, and when searching for cod boats may dock overhead such areas. No matter what species is being sought the unique experience fishermen will have may be once in a lifetime. Special trips may involve drop fishing. This allows for catching bottom fish.

In addition to fishing trips, many marinas associated fine seafood restaurants, also offer dinner and nature cruises. Such trips offer seafood dinners and scenic cruises. Some will go out to sea, giving patrons a taste of the ocean's rare beauty, and resounding nature. Others will take patrons on a cruise of the city's coastline, as they drink fine wine and dine on some of the best food known to the world.

There is nothing like ocean fresh seafood no matter where it is being served. A simple meal can be turned into a nutritious delicacy when adding fresh fish. There is no food that compares to fresh seafood.

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